Adamantios School

Ελληνική έκδοση
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A 40 year History...


In 1973 Adamantios School was founded by Mr S. Misichronis and Mr N. Syrris –both experienced and distinguished educators-, mathematicians- for girls and boys of pre-school and elementary education. The name of Adamantios School, symbolically, refers to our endeavor to create “brilliant” personalities. At first the Kindergarten and Elementary School was housed on the premises of Kalamari in Analipsi. In 1978 it was moved to our new premises –in the current school complex in Georgikis Sholis 44 in Pilea.

In 1993 the modern Kindergarten is inaugurated. In 1994 the new wing of Primary School offers a range of rooms such as libraries, interactive whiteboards, theatre, gym, ballet room, music room, art room, science laboratories, computer room, tennis and basketball courts, handball and football fields.

Adamantios School provides schooling for children from a nursery age to 12 years old of the historical and renowned Kalamari School (founded in 1894)