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Innovative programs


Conduct education – Good manners

Courtesy can be taught!

Courtesy can become a habit!

Being aware of the current social needs, the School has established the program ‘Conduct Education – Good Manners’ with a view to helping out parents and, even more importantly, contribute to the development of young students.

The curriculum includes the teaching of ‘savoir-vivre’ with 20-minute lessons available for all our students, from preschool to sixth-grade. The goal of this effort is to teach children to behave properly at home, school, and their social environment.

If children are exposed to good manners from an early age, politeness will become their second nature. In this way, they will gain confidence, and will be able to build happy relationships and healthy communities.

The teaching is carried out by specialised staff.


Schooling for parents

During the 2011-2012 academic year, the School continues its seminar series on ‘Schooling for parents’.

All parents/guardians of our students can attend the seminars.


Health Education - Nutrition

In the most crucial years of a child’s development - from the age of 2.5 to 12 - the School has established a Health and Nutrition curriculum in its program.

The aim is for the students to obtain good dietary habits that in conjunction with motor activities, will bring about health and a proper physical development. The program includes courses on mouth hygiene as well.

The curriculum includes:

• Annual assessment of human-centered indicators.

• Annual Dental examination.

• Monitoring of the physical development of children.

• Six-month educational presentations to students during the health topics curriculum.

•  Workshops on nutrition issues for parents/guardians.

The dietary directives are consistent with the recommendations of the World

Health Organization (WHO), the European Council for Nutrition of children and the Dietitians Group of A.TE.I.TH.

Head of the program is Ms. Irene Paschaleri (BSc, MSc),

biologist and member of the Greek Medical Society for Bariatrics.


Physics - Chemistry – Biology experiments

Fifth and Sixth grade students conduct in-class Physics experiments and also have the chance to support the experimental procedures in the Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories of the School complex.

An innovative program links Physics experimentation with Information Technology. Children learn to create a virtual reality on a PC, where they can reproduce the experimental parameters of Physics and understand the results of the experiment. They can also intervene, alter, redefine the data.

Each course is accompanied by questions that clarify and deepen the student’s subject knowledge.

The playful presentation of Physics, the use of a PC and the self-motivating environment offer many advantages to students.

The programs are presented by the IT teacher.


Montessori educational material

The school offers the full range of MONTESSORI educational materials, which familiarise preschool children with mathematical concepts.

The material is used in First and Second Elementary Grades.