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Computer Studies

Living in the peak of the technology age, it’s only natural that our school has integrated computer lessons as part of our curriculum so as to provide our pupils with a well-rounded education. Adamantios School is one of the pioneering schools where computing studies have  been included in its curriculum since 1980

Our pupils are instructed on the basics of computer literacy as early as kindergarten in our highly equipped computer lab by a specialist teacher. Educational software which is presented in a game-like format not only entertains our pupils but also teaches them key concepts.

Primary pupils in A, B, and C grade attend classes related to Modern Greek, Mathematics and foreign languages.

Primary pupils in D, E, and ST grade have already achieved a high level of computer knowledge.

All our computers are equipped with special protective filters to block radiation and eliminate static charge.

Adamantios School has been a certified KEYCERT examination center since 2010-2011.

(KEYCERT is an educational computing programme which assesses computing skills in children aged 7-12)