Adamantios Skoli

Adamantios Nuresery and Primary School

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Nursery School

Bridging the gap between family and school.

A wonderful world for children.


Aimed at children aged 2,5-5

Our school places special emphasis on:

-      the safety of children

-      the meticulous hygiene

-      the aesthetics of the place

-      the child’s joy and euphoria

-      providing the opportunity for emotional and cognitive development




      '' If children live with acceptance, they learn to find love in the world''





Games, joy …and learning

Starting out on the right track

Children at this age are imaginative, highly receptive and inquisitive as well. The nursery teacher is always there to help the child develop his cognitive and mental function and physical skills.

We focus on individual work, developing the abilities of each child separately. Being aware of the children’s agile mind and body, we engage them in experiential learning through games and various activities.

Kindergarten plays an important part in the socialization of our children.

Our Kindergarten pupils are motivated to:

-      use their imagination

-      acquire experience

-      observe

-      form questions

-      co-operate and collaborate

-      develop their speech

-      approach/ learn mathematical concepts

-      enjoy playing

-      enjoy music and creating art

-      familiarize them with computers


''Give not your thoughts

nor your dreams to the children.

You can give them only your love!''

After school childcare services

Our after school childcare programme, which is addressed to working parents, offers the opportunity to children to remain at school after the curriculum finishes. Children take part in stimulating and exciting activities for a pleasant stay.

Our pupils can either work on their homework supervised by a teacher or they can attend courses in reading or in arts and crafts. During their stay they can have their lunch.

Pupils can use the school buses to return home or they can be picked up by their parents.


School holidays

School holidays which fall on a weekday, Christmas and Easter holidays, childcare services are offered free of charge for our primary and kindergarten pupils until 16.00 o’clock. School buses run according to schedule.

Childcare services in the summer

Kindergarten pupils can attend special summer programmes from 16/6 until 16/7 and 16/8 until 10/9 free of charge. School bus transportation is also available.