Adamantios School

Ελληνική έκδοση
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Primary School

(6-12 years old)

Education and Knowledge

Through our rich resource of experience we have realized that our duty towards our pupils is:

  • To shape our pupils’ character
  • To provide the necessary cognitive skills for an easy transition to Junior High and meet the new challenges ahead
  • To have a deep understanding of our pupils’ level of knowledge and inform parents on a regular basis
  • To meet our pupils’ learning difficulties promptly
  • To encourage the artistic, spiritual, sporting interests of the children


Our pupils’ profile

Our educational programme is designed to:

  • To instil love and appreciation for the school so that children view it as a place of joy, understanding and creativity
  • To help our pupils understand their rights and obligations towards themselves, their peers and the school community
  • To teach them not only  to become aware of the needs of their schoolmates but also to respect them and have a full emotional response
  • To promote socialising through group work, team play, collective effort and organization of school life

We wish all our pupils:

  • To constantly try to do their best in all fields and become critical thinkers
  • To  respect each other and realize that understanding and appreciation of diversity are critical to the school community
  • To be noble in mind and in practice
  • To develop their skills, aptitudes and interests
  • To have an ecological awareness and develop an environmentally friendly attitude
  • To learn about their country, traditions and language through experiential learning and a variety of aesthetic experiences


Our teaching achievements

Our success in teaching lies in:

  • Our life long experience
  • Our highly experienced, well qualified vibrant teaching team which attends regularly educational seminars
  • The implementation of the official curriculum interspersed with our own publications
  • Monitoring experiments in our science and biology laboratories

It is also important to mention that the school offers the full range of MONTESSORI educational materials, which familiarise preschool children with mathematical concepts.

The material is used in the first years of primary school.

The educational programme is complemented through:

  • Visits to archaeological sites and museums which participate in educational programmes
  • Field trips to sports centres and cultural sites
  • Watching educational films and attending theatrical plays as well as familiarizing themselves with technological achievements in technological centres
  • Meeting with renowned authors to promote the love of reading, well known artists to enhance their aesthetic view of the world as well as scientists to help them understand scientific subjects

We also value the importance of individual coaching in cases where it is necessary to meet the needs of pupils with individual learning styles and needs. The individualized education is provided in the daily programme and if required further after school on request by the parents.

Psychological support to pupils who might experience emotional issues at some point during their school life is also available through professional counselling and individualized lessons by a resource specialist. 


After school childcare services

Our after school childcare programme, which is addressed to working parents, offers the opportunity to children to remain at school after the curriculum finishes. Children take part in stimulating and exciting activities for a pleasant stay.

Our pupils can either work on their homework supervised by a teacher or they can attend courses in reading or in arts and crafts. During their stay they can have their lunch.

Pupils can use the school buses to return home or they can be picked up by their parents.


School holidays

School holidays which fall on a weekday, Christmas and Easter holidays, childcare services are offered free of charge for our primary and kindergarten pupils until 16.00 o’clock. School buses run according to schedule.


Childcare services in the summer

Kindergarten pupils can attend special summer programmes from 16/6 until 16/7 and 16/8 until 10/9 free of charge. School bus transportation is also available.