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Ελληνική έκδοση
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The English Language














Our pre-school English courses start from the first classes of Kindergarten focusing on creating a positive first impression of learning English. They appeal to children’s natural sense of fun and games through the use of songs, poems, games, rhymes, puppet shows and educational cards.



English language classes are included in the daily programme of our pupils, starting from 1st to 6th grade. Our goal (objective) is for pupils to think creatively, to enjoy learning, to participate successfully in the classroom, to communicate with self-confidence in English when dealing with familiar themes and topics, to be prepared to sit the Cambridge ESOL Young Learners English Tests. Active class participation is achieved by producing the necessary incentives and stimuli using specialized interactive materials such as:

-      puppets (puppet show)

-      Audio material

-      Songs for the learning of accent and structure of the language

-      flash cards (educational cards and pictures for the acquisition of vocabulary)

-      story cards/books (books with stories and cards to encourage speaking skills)

-      video/DVD

-      e-books (electronic books)

-      smart board (interactive board)  

The systematic development of the four language skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading) takes place through a creative approach which encourages the enjoyable side of learning while preparing the older pupils of our school (4th, 5th, 6th grade) to sit the Cambridge ESOL Young Learners English Tests.`



Literacy skills will improve our pupils’ overall communication and logical skills, as well as promote their creativity. Thus we  put special emphasis on our Literature courses. By studying the most important representatives of English and American Literature, our pupils expand their intellectual horizons and they familiarize themselves with creative writing.



A love and appreciation of literature is an essential foundation for young children. Here at Adamantios School we inspire our pupils to become active participants in developing their literacy skills enabling them to grow and blossom into lifelong readers. We have established a lending library for all our pupils where they have the chance to get to know important English and American writers.




During the school year we organize bookfairs during which children embrace books with great love. It’s a unique opportunity to be able to travel through the pages of a book and experience the wonderful world of the English language.




In our school we prepare the children of the three last grades to sit the Cambridge ESOL Young Learners English Tests (Starters, Movers, Flyers). The three tests together form a bridge to take pupils learning English as a second language from beginner to A2 level.

 Adamantios School is a certified examination centre (certified by UCLES University of Cambridge local Examination Syndicate) and the exams take place on our school premises. The exams are administered by the British Council on behalf of the University of Cambridge.



The educational trip to England offers our pupils a unique experience while giving them the opportunity to practice their speaking skills in English.

We offer them a week in one of the best colleges in England where language courses are complemented by cultural events and sporting activities as well as trips and visits to major attractions.



For three weeks in College du Leman Summer Campus in Geneva, our pupils have the opportunity to perfect their English or French while engaging in sportive artistic or cultural activities. Our children benefit from College du Leman’s international programme, high-quality infrastructure in a lush green setting. Lessons are given in small groups according to level. Through the excursions the College organizes, our children see Switzerland and visit popular destinations including Zermatt, Montreux, Crans Montana and so on.



Every year we organize educational trips to European colleges in England and France, lasting from one to three weeks.

The teachers of the English and French Department are responsible for these trips which aim at entertaining and educating our students at the same time.

The programme involves attending language courses, excursions, sightseeing tours, communication and contact with children from other countries, all of which is done in a perfectly safe environment.