Adamantios School

Ελληνική έκδοση
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Our vision and philosophy

Our aim and vision is to create a school open to knowledge, open to parents and to society where:

-      teachers focus on developing pupils’ imagination, creativity and self-initiative.

-      we pay particular attention to directing our pupils’ emotions

-      we implement a balanced teaching approach through which the teacher meets the special needs of each child and contributes to their emotional and intellectual development.

-      and we help build up the children’s self-esteem by being close to them, understanding their needs, supporting and rewarding their efforts.

Our aims are

-      to form personalities who believe in the ideals of democracy, personal freedom and equality.

-      to offer our students the European aspect of education by teaching two foreign languages, cooperating with European educational institutions as well as visiting and attending courses in European schools.

-      to familiarize children with advanced technology by taking ICT courses and collaborating internationally on the internet.

-      to encourage parents’ participation in the educational process by being frequently informed of their child’s progress, inviting them in seminars of educational interest and meetings involving social issues.